“I want my Nafeh!!!”

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...I want my Naifeh back"

The Democrats’ predictable crying over legislative reapportionment has begun.

The predictable whining from the Tennessee Democratic Party and its utterly feckless Chairman Chip Forrester has begun in earnest, with Forrester and his Democrats complaining that Republicans have not been transparent in revealing redistricting proposals. We have discussed some possible district realignment developments in this space, but as has been repeated here on multiple occasions, nothing is official, and should not be seen as such. We suspect that the reason the Democrats want the Republicans to hurry so quickly with the redistricting process is so that they can try and find some reason to sue over it. Forrester and his cronies know that one of the big reasons why the GOP hasn’t yet released any official information about redistricting plans is because Tennessee’s Republican National Committeeman, John Ryder, is playing a big role in that process and Ryder knows how to avoid legal troubles when it comes to drawing constituency lines.
When Democrats controlled the General Assembly, they allowed Democratic Congressmen to decide their district lines and threw Republicans the scraps. When determining legislative districts, former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh (D-Covington) had a goal not only of protecting Democratic incumbents, but especially those that were personally loyal to him. After the Naifeh crew got through carving up the House to protect themselves, Republicans would get the leftovers, and if you happened to get drawn out of your district, oh well…it meant you probably gave Boss Jimmy trouble in the first place.
It is comical to see Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester actually act like anyone actually gives a flying flip in the end. These are the same people who dominated the process for 140 years and dictated to Republicans how their districts would and would not be drawn (and we’d all learn to like it), but now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Democratic baby is throwing a temper tantrum.
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