Team Obama and 2012 paranoia

This is simply brilliant.”

I’m sure it seemed like a grand idea to the Obamaton that came up with the idea for and using the hashtag #AttackWatch, when it was implemented on 9/12/11. Yes. It really is done by Team Obama.

As Brian Koenig says, it “models sites like Politifact and, but with a little more spin and a hell of a lot more slant.” In the two days it’s been in existence, six (6) tweets have been posted from it. By contrast, a search of “attackwatch” on Twitter will blow your search results up with a plethora of constantly updating ridicule for this paranoid idea.

If you’re up for a good laugh, check out this @AttackWatch commercial parody by @MisfitPolitics.

You can file @AttackWatch away in the #Fail folder.  Right about now, I suspect that the brainchild of this @AttackWatch fiasco is cowering in a dark corner in something very similar to the fetal position.

Image by Michelle Malkin reader Mike Peterson

Is it just me or does this snitching concept sound sort of like Nazi Germany? Oh well. I’ve gone and done it now saying that. Someone’s going to report me to Snitch Central at @AttackWatch.

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One Comment on “Team Obama and 2012 paranoia”

  1. Mark DeSantis Says:

    I wonder if the guy who thought this up was named McCarthy?

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