The value of the vote


As someone with a disability, I understand completely that some of us don’t drive, so when the State of Tennessee enacted a new law requiring citizens to have photo identification to vote, there was also a provision included which allowed for free photo IDs (issued at State cost) for those without a driver’s license.


It would be one thing if the State of Tennessee enacted a law which said you had to have an identification card to vote and you have to pay to get one. Yes, under the new law your driver’s license counts as an acceptable form of identification, and you do have to pay for those-but that is for the privilege to drive, not to vote. If you don’t drive, you can get an ID card free of charge to you. That’s right boys and girls, you do not have to pay under our law in Tennessee to receive an identification card that will verify you as a Tennessee resident who is legally entitled to vote. If, because you don’t drive, you can’t make it to your local County Clerk’s office of your own accord, get in touch with the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office or the Tennessee Department of Safety, and those people will give you directions on how you can get an ID card that will allow you to vote in all of next year’s elections.


If someone is too lazy to find out how to get something as important as a valid identification card in order to vote at no cost, do they really value their franchise all that highly?

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One Comment on “The value of the vote”

  1. Although the new law does allow states to offer not for federal ID licenses in these cases and that some states e.g. Utah and Tennessee have already started issuing such driving privileges certificates cards in lieu of regular drivers licenses allowing such applicants to be tested and licensed to drive and obtain liability insurance the majority of US states do not plan to offer not for federal ID licenses.

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