Occupy Gay Street?

If you thought the protests in New York were rowdy, get ready for Occupy Knoxville.

The Wall Street Occupiers have turned out to be a diverse lot, one in which the views of the Left may be the majority, but the views of the Right are very obviously heard. The major political factions within the country are joined by people of the Monster Raving Loony persuasion, making for perhaps the most motley crew ever assembled for a public protest. Apparently, Wall Street isn’t the only place that protestors are looking to occupy, because both the Occupy Together website and the News Sentinel are reporting that a protest meet up is being organized two days from now. The website says that only one person is going, but the whole affair seems to be taking off on Facebook-helped by a Jack Lail write-up on the News Sentinel website.
If the scheduled “occupation” becomes something more than a few aging hippies and a  college transient collection on Market Square, it might be interesting to watch. Will it be as diverse as the New York protests, representing all sorts of political views that might have an axe to grind with the financial and banking establishment-including some of those on the right? Will it just be a bunch of Leftist whiners who represent only the political minority in East Tennessee and are angry that they can’t ever win a serious election in these parts?
It remains to be seen if this supposed “Occupy Knoxville” will be anything more than a meetup for liberals who are upset that so few people in East Tennessee are real liberals, or if this will be a protest of some substance. Strange substance, perhaps-but something. Someone needs to remind these people who wanted a bigger bailout and stimulus

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