Poetic justice for wrongly-accused Republican legislator

Rep. Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport)


The mainstream media is finally catching on to a story that your 2nd Vice Chairman has been following and writing about for months-that a rising conservative Republican star within our State House of Representatives has been the target of a political hit job because-well, he did his job.




Knoxville News Sentinel Capitol reporter Tom Humphrey has a story in this morning’s paper about Rep. Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport) feeling vindicated in helping three Upper East Tennessee nurse practitioners whose licenses were wrongly taken from them after a “show trial” hearing in which those attempting to defend themselves weren’t even allowed to present evidence which might (and ultimately did) exonerate them. It’s nice to see someone with what we might call some “pull” within the mainstream press in East Tennessee, such as Tom Humphrey has, cover this story and shed some light on it.

Your Examiner has been covering this story for months when it seemed no one else would listen. We were among the first to report the other side of the story while the Nashville-area media rushed to judgment and all but pronounced Shipley and Ford as guilty of wrongdoing for doing nothing more than their jobs as legislators. Indeed, it was pointed out in this space that what was happening to Ford and Shipley appeared to be a case of the Governor and his executive minions attempting to throw Shipley and Ford under the bus. As far as this writer has been able to find, he was among the first media in the State to report that the nurses’ licenses were initially suspended after a hearing in which only one member of the Board of Nursing was physically present in the room, and the nurses weren’t allowed to present evidence in their own defense.




See, many of the agencies in Nashville are still crawling with Democrats who owe their positions to the party that was previously in legislative power, and that includes the TBI, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and the Tennessee Department of Health and Board of Nursing. They targeted a Republican legislator that they didn’t like (for no legitimate reason), and it has backfired on them royally. For now Shipley will be in charge of the committee which oversees, among other things, the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

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