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Democrats take whine with medicine

January 12, 2012

Tennessee Democrats apparently don’t want to take their own medicine after disregarding the concerns of Republicans about redistricting for cycle after cycle:


There was very little in the way of complaint from Democrats about under-representation of rural Tennessee and East Tennessee back when they drew the districts and drew them to manufacture Democratic majorities that were padded at best and an outright fabrication of reality at worst. Now that it is time to administer the medication to the patient-Tennessee’s electoral system-that Democrats made sick with years of neglect and taking their majorities for granted, Tennessee Democrats do not want to take their medicine. As they know very well from experience, the party that runs the General Assembly calls the tune in Tennessee-see how we felt all those years?

In related news, Tennessee House “Speaker Emeritus” Jimmy Naifeh (D-Covington) made a public spectacle of himself on the House floor yesterday, complaining that the House was conducting other business with motions on the floor-motions that had already been voted on. Speaker Naifeh also complained about having to sit under the Rule during Roll Call and Announcements. Poor Jimmy. Word from a source on the Hill informs TheExaminer that Naifeh is aware that his redrawn district-a district which for years was drawn to always insure that he was re-elected, will nowe be virtually impossible for him to win. Hence, Jimmy Naifeh either must wrestle with getting beaten at the polls-he only survived by 500 votes in 2010-or he’ll be going back to Covington for his retirement coon supper.

Jefferson County GOP General Meeting scheduled for January 21st

January 2, 2012


The Jefferson County Republican Party has scheduled a General Meeting on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Dandridge. All Jefferson County Republicans are invited to attend this important gathering.

This is a meeting for Jefferson County Republicans to hear reports on the health and State of the party, and more importantly to hear from Republican candidates or their representatives from among those who are running for office as Republicans in 2012. All REPUBLICAN candidates who are running for an office where they would, if elected, represent all or part of Jefferson County are invited to speak or to send a representative to speak in their stead where appropriate.

A reminder to those of you attending that this meeting is not the same as the Mass Meeting (the Mass County Convention) which in Jefferson County we usually hold in January of odd-numbered years. We won’t be electing party officers at this meeting, as officers are never chosen at the Mass Meeting during an election year. This meeting is to help our Republican voters get excited about our coming election year, to learn about the Republican candidates they’ll have the opportunity to choose from this year, and to learn about party activities and, most importantly, how you can help. We’ll see you on January 21st

The committee designed to fail

November 22, 2011

The so-called Congressional “supercommittee” that was supposedly charged with coming up with a deficit and debt reduction plan for the federal government has shut down without an agreement. That isn’t a suprise at all.

No Democrat on that committee was going to agree to cut entitlements to the degree needed to restore the full faith and credit of the United States because it will undermine the Democrats’ core constituency groups. No Republican would agree to tax increases without significant cuts and reform to entitlement spending, nor should they. The even numbers on the committee in light of those realities insured that the process would fail before it even began. The President likely wanted it that way, because now he can cut national defenses so deeply that he will make this country a weakling and a by-word in the earth, but he’ll find ways to increase entitlement spending if Obama should, God forbid, remain in office. Failure is what the President wanted all along, since failure is what his administration is all about.

I would posit this opinion:  This entire so-called supercommittee has been a charade from the beginning. Barack Obama knew that this process would fail, and he wanted it to-he needs some reason to blame Republicans to deflect attention from the reality that he has failed to fulfill his oath of office to preserve the Constitution.

Poetic justice for wrongly-accused Republican legislator

October 24, 2011

Rep. Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport)


The mainstream media is finally catching on to a story that your 2nd Vice Chairman has been following and writing about for months-that a rising conservative Republican star within our State House of Representatives has been the target of a political hit job because-well, he did his job.




Knoxville News Sentinel Capitol reporter Tom Humphrey has a story in this morning’s paper about Rep. Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport) feeling vindicated in helping three Upper East Tennessee nurse practitioners whose licenses were wrongly taken from them after a “show trial” hearing in which those attempting to defend themselves weren’t even allowed to present evidence which might (and ultimately did) exonerate them. It’s nice to see someone with what we might call some “pull” within the mainstream press in East Tennessee, such as Tom Humphrey has, cover this story and shed some light on it.

Your Examiner has been covering this story for months when it seemed no one else would listen. We were among the first to report the other side of the story while the Nashville-area media rushed to judgment and all but pronounced Shipley and Ford as guilty of wrongdoing for doing nothing more than their jobs as legislators. Indeed, it was pointed out in this space that what was happening to Ford and Shipley appeared to be a case of the Governor and his executive minions attempting to throw Shipley and Ford under the bus. As far as this writer has been able to find, he was among the first media in the State to report that the nurses’ licenses were initially suspended after a hearing in which only one member of the Board of Nursing was physically present in the room, and the nurses weren’t allowed to present evidence in their own defense.




See, many of the agencies in Nashville are still crawling with Democrats who owe their positions to the party that was previously in legislative power, and that includes the TBI, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and the Tennessee Department of Health and Board of Nursing. They targeted a Republican legislator that they didn’t like (for no legitimate reason), and it has backfired on them royally. For now Shipley will be in charge of the committee which oversees, among other things, the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Occupy Gay Street?

October 5, 2011

If you thought the protests in New York were rowdy, get ready for Occupy Knoxville.

The Wall Street Occupiers have turned out to be a diverse lot, one in which the views of the Left may be the majority, but the views of the Right are very obviously heard. The major political factions within the country are joined by people of the Monster Raving Loony persuasion, making for perhaps the most motley crew ever assembled for a public protest. Apparently, Wall Street isn’t the only place that protestors are looking to occupy, because both the Occupy Together website and the News Sentinel are reporting that a protest meet up is being organized two days from now. The website says that only one person is going, but the whole affair seems to be taking off on Facebook-helped by a Jack Lail write-up on the News Sentinel website.
If the scheduled “occupation” becomes something more than a few aging hippies and a  college transient collection on Market Square, it might be interesting to watch. Will it be as diverse as the New York protests, representing all sorts of political views that might have an axe to grind with the financial and banking establishment-including some of those on the right? Will it just be a bunch of Leftist whiners who represent only the political minority in East Tennessee and are angry that they can’t ever win a serious election in these parts?
It remains to be seen if this supposed “Occupy Knoxville” will be anything more than a meetup for liberals who are upset that so few people in East Tennessee are real liberals, or if this will be a protest of some substance. Strange substance, perhaps-but something. Someone needs to remind these people who wanted a bigger bailout and stimulus

The value of the vote

September 15, 2011


As someone with a disability, I understand completely that some of us don’t drive, so when the State of Tennessee enacted a new law requiring citizens to have photo identification to vote, there was also a provision included which allowed for free photo IDs (issued at State cost) for those without a driver’s license.


It would be one thing if the State of Tennessee enacted a law which said you had to have an identification card to vote and you have to pay to get one. Yes, under the new law your driver’s license counts as an acceptable form of identification, and you do have to pay for those-but that is for the privilege to drive, not to vote. If you don’t drive, you can get an ID card free of charge to you. That’s right boys and girls, you do not have to pay under our law in Tennessee to receive an identification card that will verify you as a Tennessee resident who is legally entitled to vote. If, because you don’t drive, you can’t make it to your local County Clerk’s office of your own accord, get in touch with the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office or the Tennessee Department of Safety, and those people will give you directions on how you can get an ID card that will allow you to vote in all of next year’s elections.


If someone is too lazy to find out how to get something as important as a valid identification card in order to vote at no cost, do they really value their franchise all that highly?

“I want my Nafeh!!!”

September 3, 2011

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...I want my Naifeh back"

The Democrats’ predictable crying over legislative reapportionment has begun.

The predictable whining from the Tennessee Democratic Party and its utterly feckless Chairman Chip Forrester has begun in earnest, with Forrester and his Democrats complaining that Republicans have not been transparent in revealing redistricting proposals. We have discussed some possible district realignment developments in this space, but as has been repeated here on multiple occasions, nothing is official, and should not be seen as such. We suspect that the reason the Democrats want the Republicans to hurry so quickly with the redistricting process is so that they can try and find some reason to sue over it. Forrester and his cronies know that one of the big reasons why the GOP hasn’t yet released any official information about redistricting plans is because Tennessee’s Republican National Committeeman, John Ryder, is playing a big role in that process and Ryder knows how to avoid legal troubles when it comes to drawing constituency lines.
When Democrats controlled the General Assembly, they allowed Democratic Congressmen to decide their district lines and threw Republicans the scraps. When determining legislative districts, former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh (D-Covington) had a goal not only of protecting Democratic incumbents, but especially those that were personally loyal to him. After the Naifeh crew got through carving up the House to protect themselves, Republicans would get the leftovers, and if you happened to get drawn out of your district, oh well…it meant you probably gave Boss Jimmy trouble in the first place.
It is comical to see Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester actually act like anyone actually gives a flying flip in the end. These are the same people who dominated the process for 140 years and dictated to Republicans how their districts would and would not be drawn (and we’d all learn to like it), but now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Democratic baby is throwing a temper tantrum.