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2012 Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner

February 21, 2012

March 23, 2012

The Republican Party of Jefferson County, Tennessee will hold its annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in March.

LOCATION: Stokely Memorial Cafeteria

DATE: March 23, 2012

TIME: Doors open at 6:00pm with dinner served at 7:00pm

ADDRESS: 809 E. College St., Jefferson City, TN 37760

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: U.S. Senator Bob Corker

TICKETS: $25.00 per person (Available by contacting Treasurer Marie Johnston at (865) 456-4636 or Vice-Treasurer Robert Blevins at (865) 209-4669.)


Gass announces re-election campaign

January 27, 2012

Susan Gaddis Gass, Property Assessor

Susan Gaddis Gass has announced her bid for re-election in 2012. Gass will be unopposed in the March Republican primary. She is slated be facing a Democrat opponent in the August general election.


JCGOP annual meeting coverage

January 27, 2012

Executive Committee Members (Photo by the Jefferson County Post)

Front row (L-R): Lori Tucker, Marie Johnston, Tamra Fain, Robert Blevins and David Oatney. Back row (L-R): Betty Fain, Travis Adderhold, Landon Sanders, Linda Larson, Beau Tucker, Bobby Vesser and Vickie Forgety.

Jefferson County GOP

The Jefferson County Republicans kicked off their 2012 election year on January 21, 2012 with a organizational meeting at the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. 

The Grand Old Party is looking to capture the Presidency when voters go to the polls later this year and they are busy trying to energize the voter base both locally and Nationally. 2012 is shaping up to be a active year for local party members, as they look forward to a March 6, 2012 primary date. Saturday morning found several dozens of Jefferson County Republicans discussing campaign issues and strategizing for the coming months.

Source: Jefferson County Post (1-23-12, page 6)

Jefferson County GOP General Meeting scheduled for January 21st

January 2, 2012


The Jefferson County Republican Party has scheduled a General Meeting on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Dandridge. All Jefferson County Republicans are invited to attend this important gathering.

This is a meeting for Jefferson County Republicans to hear reports on the health and State of the party, and more importantly to hear from Republican candidates or their representatives from among those who are running for office as Republicans in 2012. All REPUBLICAN candidates who are running for an office where they would, if elected, represent all or part of Jefferson County are invited to speak or to send a representative to speak in their stead where appropriate.

A reminder to those of you attending that this meeting is not the same as the Mass Meeting (the Mass County Convention) which in Jefferson County we usually hold in January of odd-numbered years. We won’t be electing party officers at this meeting, as officers are never chosen at the Mass Meeting during an election year. This meeting is to help our Republican voters get excited about our coming election year, to learn about the Republican candidates they’ll have the opportunity to choose from this year, and to learn about party activities and, most importantly, how you can help. We’ll see you on January 21st

Called meeting of the JCGOP Exec. Comm.

September 13, 2011
The Executive Committee of the Jefferson County Republican Party has a called meeting on September 27, 2011 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held in the lower-level conference room of the Jefferson County Health Department, accessible from the parking lot in the back of the building.

As the redistricting pen turns

August 23, 2011

Since we are in the season of speculation about legislative redistricting, and that redistricting will impact the way we vote next year, there seems to be some indication that Jefferson County is in serious play, and there is a possibility that White Pine, Baneberry, and Chestnut Hill could move out of Rep. Frank Niceley’s (R-Strawberry Plains) 17th District, and into Freshman Republican Jeremy Faison’s (R-Cosby) District.


While there is still little that can be said with certainty about what the final legislative map will look like, several sources close to the situation on Capitol Hill in Nashville have confirmed to The Examiner that East Tennessee could see some significant changes in legislative representation-which will likely include changes in State Senate representation, with Upper East Tennessee in a position to gain a Senate seat and Memphis poised to lose one. In the Tennessee House of Representatives, the seemingly prevailing view is that changes in population in Greene County will put the entire county under one House member, presumably Representative David Hawk (R-Greeneville) would run for that seat. Making Greene County a single district would cut into freshman Rep. Jeremy Faison’s (R-Cosby) district. How would that be resolved? Likely, we are told, by moving into eastern Jefferson County-in a move that would change this writer’s legislative representation, Faison seems likely to pick up White Pine, Baneberry, and Chesnut Hill, while Representative Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains), appears as though he may pick up more of Knox County or part of Sevier.

For his part, Representative Niceley tells us that he doesn’t expect to get any of Knox County under the new configuration of the Legislature. Rumors abound of the potential bloodletting against Democrats in the Tennessee Senate.

Campfield told The Examiner that many in the Senate aren’t yet sure just what the new districts will look like. “We are supposed to be having a Senate Republican Caucus retreat very soon, and at that gathering, we are being told that we will come to know the future of our districts and what kind of situation we’ll be dealing with at the next election.” Campfield did confirm that the redistricting rumor mill is spinning regarding Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle (D-Memphis). “Obviously, we don’t know for sure yet, but Kyle looks like he may be put in a position where he ends up in the same district as another Democrat,” Campfield said.

This could get interesting. Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle of Memphis could be wiped out of a district-and so, possibly, could Smilin’ Roy Herron(D-Dresden).

Current East Tennessee State Senate Districts


Congratulations to Bobby Vesser-the Jefferson County GOP’s new Senior Chairman

July 27, 2011

Congratulations to the Jefferson County Republican Party’s new Senior Chairman Bobby Vesser.

Jefferson County GOP Vice Treasurer/County Commissioner Rob Blevins (left) and Senior Chairman Bobby Vesser (right)

Bobby will be in charge of promoting the Jefferson County Republican Party and our campaigns, platform, and activities among the seasoned citizens of our community. This position is, as Republican Women of the Future President Betty Fain has told me, “an institution in this county,” and is unique in that it is not provided for in the Tennessee State Republican Party bylaws, but is mandated by Jefferson County’s Republican charter. It shows our party’s commitment to reach out and insure that every part of our county’s electorate is represented within our party’s governing apparatus, from Young Republicans, to Republican Women (who have three choices in joining a chartered Republican Women’s organization in Jefferson County), to a special member dedicated to the issues and affairs of senior citizens.

There are few people in our county who are more qualified to serve in the latter capacity than Bobby Vesser, from his dedication to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, to his involvement in several of our county’s political campaigns-especially Sheriff’s races (duh!). As Bobby stands ready to assume his latest political challenge, we stand ready to help him become the best Senior Chairman that the Jefferson County Republican Party has yet been privileged to have.