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Occupy Gay Street?

October 5, 2011

If you thought the protests in New York were rowdy, get ready for Occupy Knoxville.

The Wall Street Occupiers have turned out to be a diverse lot, one in which the views of the Left may be the majority, but the views of the Right are very obviously heard. The major political factions within the country are joined by people of the Monster Raving Loony persuasion, making for perhaps the most motley crew ever assembled for a public protest. Apparently, Wall Street isn’t the only place that protestors are looking to occupy, because both the Occupy Together website and the News Sentinel are reporting that a protest meet up is being organized two days from now. The website says that only one person is going, but the whole affair seems to be taking off on Facebook-helped by a Jack Lail write-up on the News Sentinel website.
If the scheduled “occupation” becomes something more than a few aging hippies and a  college transient collection on Market Square, it might be interesting to watch. Will it be as diverse as the New York protests, representing all sorts of political views that might have an axe to grind with the financial and banking establishment-including some of those on the right? Will it just be a bunch of Leftist whiners who represent only the political minority in East Tennessee and are angry that they can’t ever win a serious election in these parts?
It remains to be seen if this supposed “Occupy Knoxville” will be anything more than a meetup for liberals who are upset that so few people in East Tennessee are real liberals, or if this will be a protest of some substance. Strange substance, perhaps-but something. Someone needs to remind these people who wanted a bigger bailout and stimulus


Searching for another Reagan?

September 28, 2011

Where? Oh, where?

Who is or where is the next Ronald Reagan for the GOP?  A lot of people are asking and combing potential candidates each election cycle to find that person.  I have been as guilty of it, as many other have over the past several years.

Let’s just be honest about it. There was only one Ronald Wilson Reagan. He was a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.  He was historic.  Reagan seemed to have it all. He presented well on television. He was a natural leader. He united the country. However, Reagan’s ascendency to the presidency was not immediate.  Even I am not old enough to remember Reagan’s speech firsthand, “A Time for Choosing” at the 1964 GOP convention.  However, every person should either read it or listen to it.

Yet, The Speech, as it later became known, by Reagan in 1964 for Barry Goldwater’s campaign was years before Reagan was ever elected as President of the United States.  But, it did establish him in Republican and conservative politics.  For years, Dad referred to Goldwater as the “forerunner of Reagan” and, indeed, his appearance on behalf of Goldwater surely set the stage for Reagan’s political rise.

But, I digress.  The “next Reagan” yearning started to clearly manifest itself in 1999 and resonate as GOP officials flocked to Texas to solicit then Governor George W. Bush to run for president.  Bush, indeed, did win election and serve two terms, as we all know. But, honestly, he was no Ronald Reagan. Otherwise, we would be looking for the “next Bush,” instead of the “next Reagan” after his two terms in office.  So, in 2008 the “next Reagan” longing revealed itself with former Senator Fred Thompson’s arrival on the GOP primary ticket. At best, Thompson proved to be a lackluster candidate and quickly fizzled out, if he ever really took off after jumping into the fray, much to my dismay.

Now, we find ourselves in the 2012 campaign season, after a miserable few years of recession under the Obama administration. Has the longing subsided for the “next Reagan?” No. It has only grown to be a deeper yearning. In a mere six – count ’em 6 – months we have seen several names touted as the “next Reagan.”  We’ve already seen Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry floated as the “next Reagan.” That’s a whirlwind six months, folks. Yet, none of them have been able to seize the opportunity, like Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The new flavor of the day is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Surely he is the “next Reagan.”  Sadly, I believe Christie is more appealing as a non-candidate than as an actual candidate. Yet, that is not stopping many from putting the full-court press on Christie to jump into the race for the GOP nomination.  Can you imagine the frustration for the current GOP field to be out on the trail campaigning like they are to have the spotlight shining on a non-candidate?  Each of the current candidates missed their opportunity to seize the ever-elusive spotlight and hold onto it.

But, there again, the spotlight of the “next Reagan” will forever remain elusive, simple because there was only one Ronald Reagan. While he may be imitated, he will never be duplicated. A candidate may replicate him to some degree in their platform but that’s going to be the extent of it.

Reagan knew how to work an audience. He had charisma. He was soft spoken. He was easy going, when he needed to be but also tough as nails, when that need presented itself.  But, there was another beauty about Reagan, he could temper these personas, moving back and forth between the two as circumstances dictated.  The true underlying consistency of Reagan was his conservative disposition.  I have yet to see these things in the purported saviors of the GOP in the past or present fields.

What we need today is a candidate that runs as a true conservative and then, when elected, governs in the same manner. Surely, that isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Bear this in mind though, while some of the GOP candidates are better than others on conservative credentials, any of them in the GOP field now are better than the current Obama administration.  And, if you think one term of Obama was bad, dig deep into your imagination and think about how bad a lame duck Obama administration would be in a second term. Bearing that in mind, work hard for your preferred candidate in the GOP Presidential Primary. But, once the primary is over, get behind the nominee and bust your tail to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

Fox News/Google GOP debate 9-22-11

September 20, 2011

Tune in Thursday at 9:00pm (ET) for the 6th GOP presidential debate on Fox News Channel, live from Orlando, FL.

Submit your questions via text or video on the Fox News Channel YouTube channel.

Join the conversation with other Tennesseans on the TNGOP’s Twitter feed with the hashtag #TNGOPdebate.


UPDATE: The window for text and video submissions on the Fox News Channel YouTube channel closed at midnight Tuesday (9/20/11) night.


UPDATE:  The Fox News/Google debate will include a ninth GOP hopeful, Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor.  Johnson was invited by Fox News, amid controversy with the Florida Republican Party, since he has broken the 1% mark in five recent national polls. You can learn more about former-governor Gary Johnson’s campaign at his website.


Just an F.Y.I., in case you didn’t already know it: The Republican Party of Florida and the city of Tampa, FL will play host to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Team Obama and 2012 paranoia

September 14, 2011

This is simply brilliant.”

I’m sure it seemed like a grand idea to the Obamaton that came up with the idea for and using the hashtag #AttackWatch, when it was implemented on 9/12/11. Yes. It really is done by Team Obama.

As Brian Koenig says, it “models sites like Politifact and, but with a little more spin and a hell of a lot more slant.” In the two days it’s been in existence, six (6) tweets have been posted from it. By contrast, a search of “attackwatch” on Twitter will blow your search results up with a plethora of constantly updating ridicule for this paranoid idea.

If you’re up for a good laugh, check out this @AttackWatch commercial parody by @MisfitPolitics.

You can file @AttackWatch away in the #Fail folder.  Right about now, I suspect that the brainchild of this @AttackWatch fiasco is cowering in a dark corner in something very similar to the fetal position.

Image by Michelle Malkin reader Mike Peterson

Is it just me or does this snitching concept sound sort of like Nazi Germany? Oh well. I’ve gone and done it now saying that. Someone’s going to report me to Snitch Central at @AttackWatch.

Called meeting of the JCGOP Exec. Comm.

September 13, 2011
The Executive Committee of the Jefferson County Republican Party has a called meeting on September 27, 2011 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held in the lower-level conference room of the Jefferson County Health Department, accessible from the parking lot in the back of the building.

Look for Gary Moore’s union label

August 30, 2011

Tennessee State Representative Gary Moore (D-Joelton) doesn’t see any conflict of interest at all between serving as a State legislator and serving as the President of one of Tennessee’s largest lobbying groups, the Tennessee AFL-CIO.


Moore says that he will keep his duties as President of the AFL-CIO and as a legislator separate, but admitted that he will continue speaking out on legislation and promote pro-union bills that he may sponsor. In other words, Rep. Gary Moore-President of the AFL-CIO-plans to lobby the General Assembly in favor of his position, but not call it lobbying so that there will be no “official” conflict of interest. Gary Moore is an intelligent man who sees very clearly that hs position as a legislator almost certainly helped him get elected AFL-CIO President, with the unions believing that it is key to have a legislator leading them when so many bills wich they deem anti-union are making their way through the Capitol.

Moore told The Tennessean that he wanted to portray the AFL-CIO as a “non-partisan organization.” Does that mean that the Tennessee AFL-CIO won’t be following through on the national organization’s certain endorsement of the re-election of Barack Obama? It might help Moore if that actually happened, but we don’t expect that-it is to be presumed that Moore won’t fight the national AFL-CIO on their endorsement of the worst President ever to represent the Democratic Party in its history. Indeed, as Tennessee’s top union boss, Moore will be seen as the de facto leader of the Obama campaign whether he wants to be or not.


It should be noted that Gary Moore is a likable kind of person, even if you believe that his politics are utterly wrong (which we obviously do here at the Jefferson County GOP). One has to wonder if Moore is counting on the fact that most people who have met him genuinely like him personally to obscure the fact that there is virtually no way that he can keep his AFL-CIO obligations and his duties as a State Representative completely separate. Wherever he goes in the State, people who know anything at all about State politics or unions will say “oh, that’s the State Representative who runs the AFL-CIO.” There is also no way Moore can get away from the national AFL-CIO and its endorsement of Barack Obama, who is profoundly unpopular all over Tennessee. If Moore isn’t Obama’s mouthpiece, does this mean he would break from his own union bosses?


Irony = U.S. Dept. of Innovation logo

August 8, 2011
U.S. Dept. of Innovation logo

Department of Innovation logo by Jamie Simon

You run across some things that just catch your attention and make you scratch your head. The Department of Innovation‘s new logo is one of those things that did that for me most recently.

Look closely at the logo.  Now, I don’t have a degree in mechanical engineering or anything but I’m pretty sure the first revolution of three gears meshed together in that fashion will immediately jam up.

A definite fail on the designer’s and the department’s parts, unless they were intentionally trying to illustrate the gridlock in Washington. Does it strike anyone else as the epitomy of our federal government?

Irony, thy name is “Government.”